We don’t mistake social networking with social media marketing.  The goal of Social Media Marketing is to utilize social networks to achieve business and marketing goals.  We focus on measurable results, not just activity.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Development

We know that the best people to be the voice of your social media efforts are within your organization.  No one knows your business better than you and your team.  We can work with your team to develop a social media marketing strategy that produces measurable, tangible results based on your business objectives.

Social Media Marketing Training and Coaching

Once we’re ready to implement the plan, we’ll train your team on social media etiquette and best practices, introduction to the necessary monitoring/publishing/measurement tools, how to prepare content for different platforms.

Then we monitor your execution of the campaigns and meet regularly with your team to provide feedback on your activity, areas of opportunity and report on the progress of your success metrics.  We will also be on call to provide guidance along the way.

A big area of concern for organizations is the time it takes to “be social” online.  It is a commitment.  But with our methods, we can show you how to work efficiently with the time and resources you have and be effective.  Besides, you wouldn’t consider whether it’s worth your time to answer your phone or talk to customers and prospects.  In our new digital age, there are many new ways customers want to communicate with us, and we need to make it easy for them to do so.

Social Media Asset Development

As programmers, this is where we shine.  We can customize your profiles on social platforms, enhance them with special functionality to enhance your marketing campaigns, create mashups and custom tools…Basically, we get our geeks to develop tools that make you look cool and get your online marketing to be more effective.

Search is Social

As search engine optimization experts, we know that your social media activity impacts your search engine rankings.  We’ll arm you with tactics that leverage your social activity to get your website higher search engine rankings.