The Social Media Club of Hawaii has run a highlight on “Using and Tracking Hashtags in Hawaii’s Twitter Stream“.  The article mentions Bertholf Consulting’s Chief Strategist, Rob Bertholf, as the developer behind the social app:

That’s why the development of HiTopics is so exciting. Born from a brainstorming meeting between Professional SMCHI member Rob Bertholf along with John Garcia, Doc Rock and John LeBlanc during #HIGeek last weekend, the website is a mashup of Hawaii’s trending topics and images.

The article goes on to say:

The local brainiac geeks developers  didn’t stop there, what makes unique from other trending topic sites, is that businesses will soon be able to claim a hashtag and brand the subdomain to their business, event or topic, giving Hawaii businesses another reason to jump on the hashtag bandwagon!

This is an example of the types of technologies created at Bertholf Consulting.  Click to see a full portfolio of mashups.