Interview with Rob Bertholf, Chief Strategist for Bertholf Consulting appearing on the first page of the Top 15 Social Marketers in Hawaii.

A seasoned digital pioneer, @Rob sent the first “tweet” from Hawaii and has consistently been an early adopter finding ways to leverage new technology to increase revenue for clients.

What is your definition of Social Media?
The easiest way for me to define social media marketing, is to present it as an extension of traditional marketing, with the understanding that it creates an opportunity to maintain an ongoing conversation with your contacts and allows them to introduce you to others.

What are some tips you would give for those who use social media as a marketing tool etc. Maybe a Must- Have.
Don’t be “tool centric”, meaning that your social media strategy should be focused on business/organizational/marketing objectives, not on how you can get people to like you on Facebook or how many twitter followers you can collect.

Which Social Media Tool is your favorite and what is your best strategy on how to use it?
For me, it’s all about using analytics to prove ROI and tools to get my message out quickly across multiple channels.
I use HootSuite regularly which allows you to schedule your messaging, monitor who is talking to you to respond quickly and track your social reach. I have also been an advocate of Klout and enjoy watching the metric gain momentum…

Describe your typical Social Media Day.
I will jump on Facebook to respond to friends’ messages, open HootSuite to take a look at social mentions, check in on Foursquare at places I go, take photos using Instagram and getting instant instagram likes on brands I like or architecture which asks to be photographed, and use Yelp and Foodspot
for my meals. Basically my entire day involves Social Media of some kind.

“The core of social marketing is being social, so if you are a good communicator with no technical background you can still be effective in this space.”