TMZ celebrity news mentioned our Chief Strategist, Rob Bertholf, after a twitter storm broke out around a Tweet by @RobDyrdek.

In the article “I’ll Pay Big $$$ to NOT be Rob Dyrdek!” TMZ suggests:

Dyrdrek better think bigger — much bigger — because Bertholf tells us he ain’t selling for less than 6 FIGURES!!!

The current @rob says he turned down a $25,000 offer two years ago for the handle — and you gotta love his explanation for the inflated price: “It wouldn’t be worth my time to rebuild all of my profiles that are linked to my twitter handle.”


While that sounds inticing, the truth of the matter is it is against Twitter’s terms of service to sell a username. But Rob says that if he were to get an offer for 6 figures he would gladly hand the Twitter handle over in exchange for a donation to a charity of his choice.

The TMZ article ends with an obligatory snarky remark:

Bertholf has 1,497 followers. Totally worth keeping.

Rob laughs it off saying “I know Harvey Levin loves me, he just has a funny way of showing it”.