Technology News Bytes published a story covering location based social networking entitled “Going Maps over Geo-Social Networking” where our Chief Strategist, Rob Bertholf, was mentioned:

There are experts out there that can give your business some solid advice about geo-social media marketing like my source, Rob Bertholf, who is currently listed as #1 in Google for “Search Engine Optimization Expert”! and Hawaii’s first tweeter! Seriously, google him.

Here are a few tips to tie in traditional marketing knowledge to geo-social networking:

1. Get involved, get personal

Create location markers for your business. Admins at most of these sites are happy to create a custom location badge unique to your business.

2. Bad information is bad for business

Check the sites, at least the major players and make sure your info is correct. Just like any open source site, you can’t trust that people filling in your information will do their homework.

3. Good behavior should be rewarded

Offer discounts or incentives to Mayors and Leaders who may be driving business to your location. And if you are offering discounts or incentives, put up signage so people know that they can get involved.