Our Chief Strategist, Rob Bertholf, is speaking at the Hawaii Social Media Summit hosted by Technology News Bytes:

Technology News Bytes is hosting the Annual Technology & Internet Expo, one of the largest Technology Expo’s in Hawaii since 2003. With an anticipated audience of 1,200– 1,500, it provides the opportunity to see the latest technology products, services, and innovations through exhibits, seminars, and live presentations!

For each annual event Technology News Bytes hosts a theme that focuses specifically on a hot-topic in technology. To honor the rise in Social Media, Technology News Bytes presents The Hawaii Social Media Summit.

The Hawaii Social Media Summit is an opportunity for businesses to learn more about today’s ever-present topic: how social media ties in with business practices. As experienced speakers share insights and wisdom along with marketing strategies and real world examples, businesses can leverage social media to achieve their business goals through a new technological medium.