The Social Media Club recognized our Chief Strategist, Rob Bertholf, for a social mashup he created using the Klout API.

Imagine, a dark room crowded with bubbling bunson burners and other methodical devices. A lone man snickering to himself as he drips one sinister-looking fluid into a previously innocent solution which leads to a wild explosion followed by the cry of “EUREKA!” The image of the mad scientist isn’t so different from another near and dear to the Social Media Club of Hawaii: the mad coder. The mad coder, fueled only on inspiration and Mountain Dew stays up all hours of the night faced with multiple eerily glowing screens and the lonely sound of keyboard clicks. The mad coder who performs digital experiment after digital experiment until he finds one that’s a hit.

Hawaii has its share of mad coders but none who so specifically resembles the mad scientist as Rob Bertholf. Affable and open, Rob hardly seems like the frantic image described, but those of us who know him, know this image isn’t too far off. Talking to Rob about his latest digital experiments is akin to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride through Social API’s, WorldPress Plugins, SEO and an array of Social Media Assets. Long a leader in Hawaii’s digital scene as as one of the very first Professional Members of Social Media Club Hawaii, Rob continues to grow the digital community by uniting mad coders and marketers together to create exciting results.

Read the entire article “Professional Member Rob Bertholf Puts Klout and Hawaii on the Map ” on the Social Media Club website.