Pacific Business News ran the story “Hiring managers buck trend when it comes to Klout” and interviewed our Chief Strategist and Klout Squad member, Rob Bertholf, who was quoted saying:

Hawaii technology entrepreneur Rob Bertholf, the founder of Klokal, which is the Hawaii website that ranks local Klout influencers, said social media is a fantastic tool for recruiting. But he would not recommend hiring employees just based on their Klout score.

“Almost everyone has a social profile, which makes it easy to get a good sense of who they are and if they are a personality fit, etc., by reading the information they publish. [But] all too often people publish to a much broader audience than they had intended,” he said. “The influencers [Klout] identifies are prime candidates to help you share your message. If you have a job posting or are looking for a job and you have the opportunity to have one contact help you out, choose the one with the highest Klout score as that message will reach the most ears.”

Rob has previously been featured in Pacific Business News for previous entrepreneurial activities.  See the PBN archives here.