The entire Honolulu office of the Bertholf Consulting team participated in a volunteer program recently recognized by Midweek Newspaper. Our Chief Strategist, Rob Bertholf, is on the board of ClimbHI, a local nonprofit (501c3) organization, in partnership with the Hawaii Tourism Authority which launched LEI, an inaugural workforce development project for 300 high school students from economically disadvantaged areas on Oahu.

Specifically timed near Lei Day, LEI represented an opportunity for Leadership, Exploration and Inspiration from the student’s perspective. And from the hospitality industry’s perspective, LEI provides an opportunity to Lead, Expose and Inspire Hawaii’s youth. The daylong program began at Hawaii Convention Center. After a morning of leadership, hospitality and cultural training from industry leaders, the students separated to visit 10 different participating hotels. The students then returned to the convention center for a career fair showcasing the many different jobs in the hospitality industry, along with relevant college/university programs.

Bertholf Consulting is dedicated to helping out the local communities and is proud to be a supporter of ClimbHI.