Social Sharing
Step 3 in the SEO for WordPress process involves social sharing.  Content, no matter how fresh, needs to be validated for it to reach its full potential.  This means utilizing social networks as a way of verifying to Google, yes, this is interesting content and lots of people want to talk/read/comment on it. If you’re young and need to get on the fast track to learning this stuff, search in your are for companies like YEAH Local, for example. Try and get a job there! An unpaid internship can be pretty easy to land if you have the chops for it. learning straight from the source is truly a viable source of education. Let’s go over some stuff.
Jetpack: Jetpack for WordPress is a plugin that places social sharing icons beneath all of your posts.  This allows people to easily like or tweet out your content, and tracks the number of times this happens.  It also works cross-platform.  That is, copying and pasting a link to your post on your Facebook page will track as a “like” on that post on your website.
Social Networks: Aside from Facebook and Twitter, there are several other social networks that you should consider utilizing.  From an SEO Agency perspective, Linkedin typically carries the most link value.  Other options include Google+, Pintrest, Instagram, Youtube etc. Speaking of Youtube, a lot of people nowadays earn through views. Wondering if you can really buy views on youtube? visit for more details. In the end, the most effective social networks are the ones that you will utilize and update the most.
Anchor Text: Anchor Text is the text which is hyper-linked, either as an inbound link to your site, or as an outbound link from your site to another site.  Typically with anchor text, you want to link a keyword (as opposed to text like “view post here” or “click here to read more” or even you company or individual name.)  The reason for this is that Google already knows who you and your company are.  By linking keywords, you’re effectively letting Google know that you are an authority for that particular linked keyword.