Would you like me to help your company out but can’t afford $250/hour + 10 hour minimum consulting engagement? Well you are in luck! You can now use your social currency to purchase my time using using Surrounds.Me!

What is SurroundsMe?

Surrounds.Me is social advocacy software created by myself and Ann Boots.  The application was developed by the SaaS Ventures team and was part of the 1st cohort of Blue Startups.  While the application is still in Beta, we are excited to hear early feedback and test it out with the public.

Social Advocacy Software

Earn Advocacy points and cash them in for rewards on SurroundsMe

Become an advocate!

To get started earning rewards as an advocate simply register at:https://surrounds.me/bertholf

You will need to connect your social media accounts.  Please note that the software will not post anything without your express permission.

Once registered you will see a dashboard with different tasks you can choose from.  Below is a screenshot showing the different types of tasks.  Simply click on the buttons to share it out through your social channels.

Get rewarded!

By completing social tasks that help me with my marketing efforts you will earn advocate points and appear on the leaderbaord.  You can redeem these points in for the following:
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Rob Bertholf on SurroundsMe

Cash in points for rewards on SurroundsMe!