Huffington Post Rob Bertholf Consulting

It’s not everyday that one of our own gets quoted by the Huffington Post, but today was definitely one of those days.  In a piece about Twitter-hacked victims finding out that their stolen accounts were being sold on the black market, Rob was mentioned as follows:

“Rob Bertholf, who owns the Twitter handle @rob, said his account has never been hacked. But he suspects hackers often try — albeit unsuccessfully — to break into his account because he receives weekly email notifications from Twitter notifying him that someone is trying to reset his password.  “No doubt in my mind that I have been targeted many times,”  Bertholf told The Huffington Post”

Having been at the company for over a year now, I can confirm that this indeed happens quite often.  If not attempted hacking, outright offers to buy the domain the most recent from Rob Dyrdek, who has made several online (and well documented) advances to Rob offering up various incentives in exchange for his valuable “@Rob” account including a vacation and a “nice watch.”

With the explosive promulgation of social media as a both a business and personal tool, Twitter accounts have actually become a potential mechanism for strategic investment, in largely the same way that hording domain names was 10 years ago (e.g. the guy who had the foresight to purchase eventually sold it for $14 Million.)

Now, because so many business are either on Twitter, or realizing that they have to be, owning their corresponding twitter handles can be a potentially lucrative venture.  Just don’t think that you’re going to get Rob’s for anything less than 6 figures.