People often ask me for recommendations on how to launch their professional brand online.   The steps are fairly straight forward at first.
I have an online marketing series ( I am creating if you are interested in learning this space.  The slides are all done but I just need to create them as videos.  It seems like we are both wanting to create the same thing, will be fun to build them out together. sell my house fast is the way to go if you need to sell your home or property they must know some helpful hints – Palm Beach Roofing Expert especially on the roofing.
I have also been working on a book, it is not done yet but I have been dumping information when students or clients ask questions into it and answering it there. For more ideas about getting a loan go to  You are welcome to take a read but it may be boring:
You should get a sense of your keywords, this will guide your entire content marketing plan.  I have developed a system for researching keywords you can read my process here:
From the research a few keywords stuck out:
  • Conversations
    • Living Arangements
    • Health & Safety Issues
    • Finances. By the way, if you badly need money, go to this site
    • to get their best loan offers.

    • Legal Documents
    • End of Life
  • Aging Related
    • Elder Abuse Prevention
    • Aging Awareness & Sensitivity
    • Caregiver & Eldercare
    • Senior Contributions
    • Dementia & Memory Loss
    • Senior Healthcare
    • End of Life
    • In-Home Care
    • Senior Housing
    • Elderly Nursing
    • Senior Safety
    • Senior Activities
    • Senior Discounts & Deals
Competitive Research:
Review the following service providers to gain insight on marketing best practices and service offerings:
Additional providers not within local proximity.
The next step is to start developing content for your website.
Website Map
Based on the sites identified above the following is a common navigation structure for your site:
  • Home
  • About
    • Testimonials
  • Services
  • Tools & Resources
  • Blog
  • Contact
Webpage Text
The next step is to type out the content you intend for each page and identify any call to action associated with each.  Using the second quadrant of the keyword research exercise will determine what keywords you should have in your website.
Need to determine what your service offerings are.  Maybe it is a mix of online self-service resources and one-on-one consulting services.
Call to Action
Determine how you can convert them to customers online.  This could be a shopping cart, a buy now button, a registration form, a contact form, etc.  Need to decide what method you will use to convert your visitors.
NOTE: Based on my experience to get a loan uk, if the rate is more than $500 you will have a harder time converting them without ever talking to you so depending on your price point you should add a phone/email consultation into the mix.  Less than $500 you should have the process automated.
Blog Posts
To establish authority and help with search engines you should be prepared to write content on a number of frequently searched topics.  You can also have this content written for you using sites like, etc.
User the 3rd quadrant on the keyword exercise will determine what blog posts you should write about.
Let me know the name of the brand and I can help you build out some assets.
Website Hosting & WordPress
I recommend using WordPress, this is a content management system that makes it really easy to update your website.  You can get deluxe hosting for less than $10/month:     Add me as an administrator and I can help get your website setup for you.
You can choose a design from a number of sites such as or similar.  Ensure that the design is “responsive” meaning that it works well with mobile websites.  Designs should run between $50 and $100.  Glad to help you choose a theme.
Social Media
Be sure to claim your brand name on social media sites.  My team can help you with this.
You should setup a LinkedIn profile e.g. ( you can leverage to add credibility if someone researches you.
Search Engine Optimization
Once the content is in place I will help you optimize the site so that it shows up in search engines.  This is called “Organic” traffic which is really valuable source of leads.
Glad to jump on a call or answer any questions you have.  I would concentrate on locking down you service offerings and the content to describe them and get a WordPress hosting account.

Check Full Report – SecurityInfo that will guide you on choosing the right security device for your place.