Bertholf Consulting was proud to be one of the headlining sponsors of the 2012 Social Media Summit, held this year at the Neil Blaisdell Center and, which was, by all accounts, a rousing success.  The event had numerous booths (including our own) and a full list of attendees featuring of the who’s who of technology, social media and small businesses from across the state.  (See a picture of our booth in action below.)

There were 4 panels we focused on, (detailed in a post here) focused on a variety of topics including Planning and Strategy, Social Proactivity, Publishing and Promoting Content and Tracking Success (Rob was featured on the Planning Panel and the Tracking Success Panel, as was I.)

Just a few of my thoughts and impressions from throughout the day:

  • Klout, and Klokal were the underrated stars of the day.  Several people came up to me asking about Klout and Klout scores and social influence in general (and as a result, walked away with a +K pin.)  It’s great to see so many people becoming aware of the necessity of social conversion as the true KPI for small businesses, and trying to understand social influence as an important metric of social media as a whole.
  • Hawaii is small.  And the digital community here is even smaller.  It seemed like everyone knew everyone and the summit was as much a family reunion as it was a networking event.
  • Hawaii needs more of this type of event.  A place where people can meet on a professional and personal level, to reinforce the good vibrations surrounding the close-knit community that is social media in Hawaii.

One more thing.  During our panel, there were a ton of good questions that got asked, but none moreso than one by a very astute attendee who inquired about any software that helped track an interaction between her social media accounts (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.) and her website.  Specifically, she wanted high level data to show her which platform(s) were bringing her the most qualified leads, and how referral traffic from those social platforms was performing once it got to the site.  At the time, the tool that we recommended using was the goal and event tracking built into Google Analytics.  Expanding upon this, Google offers web-based tools to help add to any of your previously-identified goals and events.  These are called “Custom Campaigns” and allow you to set up, through URL parameters, campaigns to track all traffic through an individual source or medium (that you identify).  They even provide you with a nifty URL Builder tool to help you get started!

Overall we felt like the the event was an incredible success, both for us as a company as well as for everyone that attended.  If you want to keep up to day with news about next years SMSHI (which we’ll definitely be attending) or, are curious about the various social media gatherings that take place around town, visit the Social Media Club of Hawaii’s website today!