3rd Annual Social Media Summit

The Hawaii Social Media Summit will share best practices and insights on developing and implementing large-scale social marketing and advertising strategy.

Get Social:

Transparent Marketing Panels

Planning & Getting Started

Ever wonder how to really get the most out of social media? It starts in the beginning. The appropriate planning will provide you the framework for measuring your success. This session discusses how to determine your business objectives and identify key performance indicators along the way.” This panel will cover Keeping Business Goals & Communication Objectives in the forefront and choosing appropriate KPI’s and developing continuity (voice/message/targets).

Aaron Landry (Panelist)

Toby Tamaye (Panelist)

Gwen Woltz (Panelist)

Rob Bertholf (Panelist)

Peter Kay (Moderator)

Being Proactive

Your customers are talking. Are you listening? This session discusses one of the most overlooked advantages of social media. You’ll learn how to listen, what to listen for and what tools will empower you.

Jason Seaborn (Panelist)

Gwen Woltz (Panelist)

Tara Coomans (Panelist)

Catherine Toth (Moderator)

Publishing & Promoting Content

Social media is free – but the time you spend on it isn’t. You create content and you want it shared. This session discusses how to streamline your social media with easy to implement and time-saving tools, and how to think outside of the box with social media.

Esme Infante Nii (Panelist)

Melissa Chang (Panelist)

Aya Nishihara (Panelist)

John Chamberlin (Panelist)

Gene Park (Moderator)

Tracking Success

Don’t be discouraged. You CAN measure social media. You’ll learn how to measure and what to measure in social media. No matter what you’re doing in social media, you’ll walk away with tips you can start implementing today.

Rob Bertholf (Panelist)

Tara Coomans (Panelist)

Harrison Goo (Panelist)

Derek Gabriel (Panelist)

Steve Sue (Moderator)