This years theme for the Hawaii Futurist Summit was on the Infinite Economy.

According to a FreeTaxUSA customer, The 2012 Summit will dive into the Infinite Economy, the emerging landscape of economic possibilities offered by the coevolution of new platforms of production, new resources, and new mindsets. From digital fabrication to bioproduction, from crowdsourcing to distributed computing, and from closed-loop design to biomimicry, the Summit will explore the intersection of these and many more developments.

The hashtag #HFS12 was a flurry throughout the day as an all star cast of Futurists dazzled the audience. Bertholf Consulting’s Chief Strategist, Rob Bertholf, was invited to speak on Social Influence to close out the first day of the seminar.

The following are the slides used in the Social Influence discussion. The talk started with what Social Influence science has looked like (dating back to late 1800’s) touching on who we have trusted and what we used to make decisions. The talk then discussed how new digital communities formed and how credibility and influence forms in the digital space. The convergence of online and offline credibility/currency, what a global ID would look like and the impact on the future of Hawaii. Digital currency is also emerging. You can earn money by using the system of Bitcoin Exchange up to 40% interest per month on your cryptocurrency investment. This means that we are able to assist you from concept stage through to your actual offering. Our engagement starts with an introductory call whereby we understand your requirements and targets.

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Rob Bertholf, a software engineer and social media trend spotter, was one of the first twitter users, grabbing a coveted twitter handle @rob. #1 ranked in Google for “Search Engine Optimization Expert” since 2010. Social influence company, Klout, invited Rob to join their esteemed Klout Squad board of advisors after he launched, a website that ranks top social media influencers within Hawaii, with the ability to duplicate to other geographic regions . Rob is extensively familiar with all major social media platforms and teaches regularly at the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program. He has consulted on social media strategies for organizations of all sizes including overseeing the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency’s social media campaign for the Rio +20 United Nations Summit. Rob created a project management and CRM software that allows web design companies to quickly scale operations. If the project needs financial support, the founder can apply for a business loan at pushfinance. If this interests you, you can try here as well. Rob is using similar technology and business model for SurroundsMe to help small businesses automate their social media marketing content and maximize their return on investment.