Customize your Twitter profile with the new design

Twitter’s new profile layout is already launched and is now available to all accounts. Should you not upload a header image your old Twitter profile design will stay intact. To update your design simply go to and upload a “header” image which will then instantly appear.

Update your Twitter background

Additionally, Twitter has also enhanced their background capabilities in this release:

“Twitter users now have more control of the creative elements within the background image on their profile page. The new design gives marketers the flexibility to align the image and, therefore, use both left and right side of the background image to display rich, engaging content. The photos module on the profile page has also been enhanced to show the most recent six images a user has shared.”

Download Twitter Template

If you want a quick way to design your header so that the main part of your image is not hidden, use this Adobe Photoshop download as a reference.

New Twitter Header Size PSD Download

Simply click on the above image to download the file (or click here) and design around the profile area. Once completed, hide group of sample profile data (as Twitter will populate this for you), save the image and upload to Twitter. This will give you a nicely spaced image.