Since 2010, our Chief Strategist Rob Bertholf has been an instructor with the University of Hawaii Outreach College Pacific New Media Program.  The University of Hawaii program seeks to bring together “an exceptional group of nationally recognized professionals” to help make it the “premier digital and media education center in Hawaii.”  If you want to learn more about it you can visit their website here.

We Practice What We Teach

The foundation of our business at Bertholf Consulting is built upon the same concepts we teach in our classes.   Although they are held every quarter, no two classes are exactly the same.  As technology rapidly changes, we adapt our practice and classes to keep pace with new methods and tools.

Our mission is to educate our clients and the community.  Bertholf Consulting is about transparency.  Our industry has a reputation for confusing customers with technical jargon.  We want to empower clients with the knowledge to make educated decisions about their online marketing.

Rob’s PNM Classes

Search Engine Optimzation:  Thursday 6 PM – 9 PM: Search Engine Optimization. $50
This class helps students gain a foundation knowledge to “effectively market to search engines by exploring how SEO, Paid Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing tie together.  It also ties in how various Analytics and research tools aid in expanding the effect of your SEO efforts.

Social Media Marketing: Thursday 6 PM – 9 PM: Social Media Marketing: Developing an Effective Strategy. $50
This class helps students craft a “results-driven” social media strategy for their business or organization.   You’ll learn the appropriate social networks and sites for reaching your target audience and strategies to increase conversion.

Website Analytics: Thursday 6 PM – 9 PM: Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization. $50
As important as it is to generate traffic to your website, converting that traffic to a lead, sale or other desired action is critical.  Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your website, identify the traffic sources that provide the most value, evaluate visitor preferences and more.  You’ll gain a thorough understanding of how to utilize Google Analytics and other tools, and how website design, layout and content affect conversion.

WordPress: Thursday 6 PM – 9 PM: Practical WordPress: Beyond the Basics. $70
WordPress has become one of the most powerful, user friendly content management tools available today.  Not for the novice, this class is geared toward users familiar with the WordPress dashboard and architecture and fundamentals of web publishing.  Learn best practices for building and customizing self-hosted WordPress websites, installing plugins and configurations to add functionality like e-Commerce solutions, paid membership and supporting multiple languages.

View the entire schedule of all the PNM classes here.