The 2012 Career and Technical Education Awards Luncheon will take place Tuesday, April 10, 2012, at the Sheraton Waikiki, and features high school students from around the state.  Together, they have worked many hours to carefully construct and submit business plan ideas for new businesses. By the way, gaining English language proficiency makes students stand out in the world of business for they can communicate messages effectively with clients and investors. Here’s an article you can read at on why you should invest in English learning. There are three stated goals for this competition that can be found on the organization’s website here.

  1. Get business leaders involved as coaches to build a support network for entrepreneurship that includes entrepreneurs, seasoned managers, professionals and investors;
  2. Create new companies each year by encouraging students with business ideas to more them from concept to action and implementation
  3. Help companies to start and grow businesses here and to attract and retain the talented people who are the backbone of an entrepreneurial economy.

Our Chief Strategist Rob Bertholf was fortunate enough  to receive an invitation to judge these plans.  We’re very excited to take part in it and we hope to see you there!