For me, September is the month for evaluating the previous year and devising a plan for the coming year.  The holiday season can be a distraction so it is important that I start planning early for the new year and stay ahead of the curve.  This is the first blog post in a five part series of planning annual goals and objectives for web marketing, so take a look at this post. In this post I’ll cover….

Data Backed Decisions

As an ongoing best practice you should have a daily/weekly eye on your analytics and dedicate time monthly to analyze the progression of your identified key performance indicators (KPI) over the last month and the previous quarter.  Now is when I take additional time to review the web and social analytics performance versus the previous year and gain insight on what aspect of my larger strategy needs to be adjusted.

Let your data make the decisions for your company.

Use the data to grade your content quality & marketing performance, referral quality, social reach & engagement, visitor flow & conversion rates, etc. and then develop a list of initiatives to shore up each opportunity.

Capturing Data

Should we take a step back?  You may be asking “how do I start collecting this data?”  If we were to meet up for coffee (lets do that!) I would ask you the following:

  • Have you installed Google Analytics?
  • Have you upgraded from the old ga.js to the new Universal Analytics.js tracking code?
  • Have you filtered your analytic data to exclude noise (your own visits, remove branded keywords out of search, etc) to improve accuracy?
  • Are you tracking each touchpoint as a goal?  Have you added event tracking? (If you do online transactions, have you connected eCommerce tracking?)
  • Are you analyzing first touch attribution for social media referrals?
  • Are you using native or 3rd party social media insights?
  • Have you surveyed your customers lately?

If you would like to learn more about analytics you can view my post with slide deck on Analytics here.

Come back tomorrow to continue reading the next post: “Staying current with Trends“.