Are you starting a business? Are you looking for funding to grow an existing one?, Do you want to finance your new scooter kopen but don’t know how? Pitching an idea or company is a key skill, and there are different kinds of pitches for different audiences:

  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Investor
  • Media Interview
  • more…

When you get the call, WILL YOU CHOKE? Not if you take this workshop! On Saturday, November 8th at the Protohub, BizGym and the HTDC is hosting BizPitch Camp.

[bctt tweet=”At BizPitch Camp, you and your team will develop all the pitches necessary to take the mound with confidence and throw your best stuff in all circumstances. Read the entire awol academy review before you make a decision to purchase the program



This workshop is a hands-on one-day session including:

  • Basic Training: 4 essential motions to any wicked pitch
  • 4 Rotations: 1-Hr Rotations for 4 Key Pitches
  • Practice Innings: Take the mound and practice pitching to the cohort!

Benefits & Deliverables

You’ll develop these 4 key pitches:

  • Fastball (Investor Pitch)
  • Change Up (Sales Pitch)
  • T-Ball (Interview Pitch)
  • Screwball (Advertising Pitch)

Handouts will be provided or you can work the Mission/Vision Statement Template (Free ~ just logon and signup).  Free wireless provided.


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