Are you starting a business? Are you looking for funding to grow an existing one?, Do you want to finance your new scooter kopen but don’t know how? Pitching an idea or company is a key skill, and there are different kinds of pitches for different audiences:

  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Investor
  • Media Interview
  • more…

When you get the call, WILL YOU CHOKE? Not if you take this workshop! On Saturday, November 8th at the Protohub, BizGym and the HTDC is hosting BizPitch Camp.

[bctt tweet=”At BizPitch Camp, you and your team will develop all the pitches necessary to take the mound with confidence and throw your best stuff in all circumstances.”]



This workshop is a hands-on one-day session including:

  • Basic Training: 4 essential motions to any wicked pitch
  • 4 Rotations: 1-Hr Rotations for 4 Key Pitches
  • Practice Innings: Take the mound and practice pitching to the cohort!

Benefits & Deliverables

You’ll develop these 4 key pitches:

  • Fastball (Investor Pitch)
  • Change Up (Sales Pitch)
  • T-Ball (Interview Pitch)
  • Screwball (Advertising Pitch)

Handouts will be provided or you can work the Mission/Vision Statement Template (Free ~ just logon and signup).  Free wireless provided.


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